Revamped, Recrafted, Radiant Red Air Max III

We know, we know, it's bloody 90s Infared... But, let's go back to the start of the year. The first release of the recrafts, celebrating 30 years of nike air max 90. We got the volts, the grapes, the pinks and so on. But damn, the fans weren't happy with what came with reverting back... Continue Reading →

The Air Max 1 Gets It’s London Look

The LDN edition, one half of the Air Max 1 Europe City Pack, the amsterdam being the other pair but Both pairs uniquely give a huge nod to the respected cities that both boast their own cultural Influences. London, is depicted very well throughout this sneaker. It's got the cold grey tones from the infamous... Continue Reading →

Jordan 4 ‘Cool Grey’

Jordan 4 ' Cool Grey 'a shoe that hasn't had a reissued since its first ever date of dropping back in 2004. The once sought after pair has come back and was teased for a good couple of months before hand creating a bit of hype behind them. Once heard of the massive numbers upon... Continue Reading →

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