Piet Parra does it again

Dunk SB, it’s just the name that can stay out of people’s mouths of late. If you don’t have dunks or even dunk SBs, are you living in the hype at all. Nobodies saying that hype is what you should follow but it’s what only anyone seems to care about these days!

But, Piet Parra does it again. Olympic federation kits and Dunk SBs with his signature motifs. He teased visions for months on the lead up to the release of the Dunk SBs and had Fan favourites gasping at the incredible work of art displayed right across this sneaker of ‘abstract art’.

In hand this pair is incredible and Safe to say, Nike sb have not disappointed. Robust suede, peel away material on upper and dressed in what parra is best known for his vibrant colours of blues, reds and pinks. And to get sneakerheads geeked out a gum sole! Who doesn’t love a gum sole?. Everything on the sneaker screams great so, From our review and opinion it’s definitely a big shout for shoe of the year. The detail patterns, materials and quality is far above some of the more hyped releases to date.

Is there, Maybe, Slight resemblances of what could be the biggest Nike dunk sb of all time…. The Paris Sb! Can this 2021 parra make it to that level? Time will tell.

Take a look below and let us know what you think?

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