Katie McKeown

Se; Hi katie, Nice to meet you and how are you? Whats life been like over the last year with COVID and has it impacted you greatly?

Kk; Hey SneakEire,

I’m really good!

Life has definitely been different over the last year with COVID. I have been really lucky though; it hasn’t impacted my life too much. The first lockdown gave me the motivation to start my Kicks on Katie IG page, so I have been able to keep myself busy creating content. 

Se; Thats a great W there for you isn’t it!? We can see you’ve definitely been busy with it. So, Go ahead, introduce yourself and how the love of sneakers came about?

Kk; I am the ultimate Tomboy; I spend most days in comfy tracksuits and sneakers, I probably wear make-up twice a year!

The earliest memory I have of sneakers is when I was around 5 years old, my dad came back from a trip to America with the coolest pair of Mickey Mouse sneakers. I have been obsessed with sneakers ever since.

When I was younger, I was big into Air Max BW, Air Max 90’s and Nike Cortez. They were my go-to sneakers. In my teen years, Footlocker came to Ireland and that is when I got more into Air Force 1s, Dunks and Jordans.

Now I am really into Air Force 1s, Jordan 1s and Dunks.

Sneakers are such a big part of my life; I struggle to feel comfortable in any other type of shoe. Even in the office I wear Air Force 1s with a suit, I call it corporate comfort!

Se; Corporate Comfort, that’s a good one. You’ll have to hashtag that lol. So. Air Force 1. It’s a very specific choice, why specifically this sneaker? As we know the sneaker community is very drawn to hype right now and Af1 don’t consistently feature in hype.

Kk; Yes, I do love the Air Force 1!!

I grew up on Nellys song “Air Force Ones” and it has definitely rubbed off on me. If walking on clouds was a sneaker it would be an Air Force 1, they are just so comfy. They’re such a good canvas for designs as well, Ruohan Wang’s Air force 1s are the perfect example of this. I love detail on a sneaker, and the Air Force 1 always delivers.

Se; From seeing your IG, it’s got some very clean and colourful shots! Have you been into photography and Do you take any inspirations from anyone, or do you like to be creative in your own way?

Kk; Thank you for the complement!

I only got into photography when I started my IG page, I’m learning as I go. If you look at earlier pictures, I’ve posted on my grid you can see the growth in my photography from then until now, which is cool to see.

For inspirations, it’s a bit of both, I have my own ideas and then sometimes I will be scrolling through IG and see a picture that gives me inspiration.

It’s cool to see how everyone is creative with their sneaker pics. Everyone brings something different to the grid!

Se; And In saying that, the SNKRS app kickcheck section by that’s viewed globally by millions is a great thing to be featured on. Being the first women from Ireland to appear in the SNKRS kickcheck section must have been absolutely surreal?

Kk; it was and still is so surreal! I couldn’t believe it when it happened, I had only been posting on IG for a few months, so I was not expecting that!

For me, it is such a big thing to be featured on the SNKRS app. I felt proud of myself, and I am really grateful that I am the first women in Ireland to be featured on the SNKRS app.

It gave me so much motivation to keep growing and keep working on my creativity. The sneaker community was so happy for me too which is really nice, I was so overwhelmed by all the nice supportive messages.

Se; It’s actually great to see the Irish sneaker community come together to support such a moment. Right now, dunk is hype, How are you finding it that and What is your most favourite release that you own?

Kk; The dunk hype is crazy right now. It so good to see such cool drops for women. All the colourways are pretty savage, my only concern is the quality.

I try not to get too into the hype, but while I was on the hype train, I got a few pairs! The last pair of Dunks I got were bad quality, so now I am a bit pickier with the Dunks I get.

It’s really hard to pick a favourite, but it would have to be the Air Force 1 Purple Agate, I just LOVE the detail on them!

The stitching detail is CRAZY, the stitching changes colour on each side of the shoe and I am OBSESSED!

Se; So, Do you have your eyes on any future releases coming this year that you’re looking forward too?

There are a few pairs I am really looking forward, the AIR FORCE 1 Space Jam release, FTC x Nike SB Dunk Low and Dunk Low “Multi Camo”. The ones I want the most are the “Multi Camo”, I love a camo print! Let’s hope I get some W’s!

Se; We all love to get that eluded W lol In this culture a big movement has started in the last 6 /12 months which has more women involved in the sneaker culture, especially in Ireland. How does that feel to be a part of a culture that’s has a massive momentum going forth?

Kk; It’s unreal to see how the sneaker culture is growing in Ireland especially for women and to be a part of the growth is really special. I get so excited when I connect with Irish Sneakerheads, especially women. The best thing about it is it can only get bigger and better from here.

Se; That’s true and let’s see how the sneaker culture grows in Ireland over the next couple of years. For now Katie! Thank you so much from us here at SneakEire HQ in taking part in our sneakeireheads section. Is there anything you want to say or shoutout to your audience?

Kk; Thank you for having me and thank you so much for your support!

A big shoutout to everyone I have connected with in the sneaker community, they have created such a positive and supportive environment! 😊

Heres a few photos of Katie’s collection and for more, go follow @kicksonkatie to keep up with her regular posting.

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