Striking Gold

It’s 1985, Nike produces the ‘Be true to your school’ campaign featuring the University of Michigan, University of Kentucky, Georgetown, Syracuse, St. John’s, UNLV and the University of Iowa to make the Dunk High their teams official shoe. Then, Nike done up the color schemes for each shoe and have since, become the most recognizable and coveted classic Dunk styles of all time.

Which brings us to the Iowa dunk high or else known as ‘ The Goldenrods ‘ that we picked up. The classic colourway that’s only been brought back once in all its glory, comes back with massive hype 20 years later from its first retro and It seems Nike have gone the extra mile with the SP editions making them bigger, badder and more comfortable than ever before (in our option of course). With a nice, soft, smooth leather across the whole upper the pair has real remisises of the 1999 model and guess what? It comes with two sets of laces, yes that’s right, two sets of laces, one white and one black. Everyone knows this is a big deal these days. So, while having the ’99 pair way back then, we can definitely say it’s as good but wouldn’t say better. The only difference is the tongue, it’s got a nice robust tough material on the 2020 model and that’s what sets a major difference. The Nylon tongue back in ’99 can’t be matched unfortunately but this tongue has given a nice stability to rest against the forefoot and remain in place well.

As it seems, the not so popular colourway hasn’t been a major hit since it’s release afterall and with Stock X sales, it’s proving to be a sleeper amongst the dunk fans but hey, isn’t resell the market for many “fans” to judge whats cool to have or not now? For us it doesn’t matter, we love it no matter what. Maybe because it’s yellow and looks like a Bumblebee!!

Anyways keep it coming Nike. More dunks in 2021. Keep those eyes peeled everyone!

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