Revamped, Recrafted, Radiant Red Air Max III

We know, we know, it’s bloody 90s Infared…

But, let’s go back to the start of the year. The first release of the recrafts, celebrating 30 years of nike air max 90. We got the volts, the grapes, the pinks and so on. But damn, the fans weren’t happy with what came with reverting back to the “OG” styling, a flat toe box, smaller size, terrible mudguards and plastic multi lace ports.

So this, deservedly freaked the avid fans out, knowing that the biggest and most influential pair of 90s, the infareds was coming and rapidly making them fearful of what’s to come. But, nike listened to the critical responses and pulled the release. Now, Fast forward a few months, we got word, the Air Max III ‘Radiant Red’ is set to be released on November 28th and….. that date came and guess what? It did not disappoint to our eyes anyways when they arrived to us.

Let’s check it out. We got some comparisons against the 2015 pair, which is in our opinion is very good. A pair in quality and build wise, shape is ok but we can forgive it with the extent of having premium leather panels and rubber multi lace ports. Anyways, the influential pair got its revamp with the movement of production facilities to give what they OG fans want and they basically perfected it this time round, regarding shape and build.

Going back through the history books on the first image in a Japanese catalogue we clearly see and understand why air max heads love the asthetics and shape of the III over the years. After retro after retro, ( which were good by the way) the people still wanted that Og shape. So, 30 years on Nike delivered with the recraft of the III and its as close as they could get to the OG shape, can you see it?

But let’s not forget, it didn’t start too well as we mentioned above. The volts came first and what a dissapointment it delivered in all its glory. The excitement building on the III in 2019 for its 30th anniversary came with an OK feel but the Colourways were spot on, so don’t get us wrong we still kinda liked the Recrafted idea but it was just missing that oomph feel.

With all the talk it’s time to compare the volts! Do you see it? Some big changes between both pairs. First, the most noticable object is the box is bigger on the infared, which is some relief because damn those boxes are so squishy. A sleeker shape from the ankle to the toe box gives the infared a better, smoother flow on a visual side appearance and down the tongue laces. Notice how the mesh toe box looks so flat on the volts ( yes it’s stuffed in there too ) compared to having that sleeky torpedo nose look on the infared or what some OG would describe it a shaped like a sharks nose. The build is much bigger too when you compare both side by side. The look down view shows how wide the volts are to the infared, which isn’t better in this case ( You really need to feel this description on foot ). The padding alone is even more superior on the infared which is a huge plus!

Our only comparison to the infared is the 2015 edition and considered by some it’s a good retro. We’ve seen and held previous retros and probably the best in our opinion is the vintage infared from 2012. That aged look is what those Og heads love.

So, matching up the 15 to the 20 seen below, has some noticable changes alright. Toe box, leather panels, multi lace ports, suede and the overal cut of the 2020 III has more fluidity to it, while topping it off with some nostigla feels on the size label and inner sock lining. Take a look.

Here are some in depth photos below of the air max 90 ‘radiant red’ and let us know what you think? Do they tick all the boxes for you?

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