The Air Max 1 Gets It’s London Look

The LDN edition, one half of the Air Max 1 Europe City Pack, the amsterdam being the other pair but Both pairs uniquely give a huge nod to the respected cities that both boast their own cultural Influences.

London, is depicted very well throughout this sneaker. It’s got the cold grey tones from the infamous architecture known to the people across the globe. Showing off the eye cathing Shard on the inner side of the mudguard, a breath taking, slow riding London Eye on the outer mudguard and finishing off with what Nike dunk sb symbolised as london’s most famous, the River Thames, neatly embroiderd under the Nike swoosh symbols on the rear. It’s clear to see the colour subtleties on how they have brought the concrete jungle to life especially on this Air Max 1.

Materials wise, Nike do what Nike do best and reserve the best materials for the limited releases. Over the years as collector’s here at SneakEire we have slowly seen the difference across pairs and without a doubt the materials laid across this landmark pair are phenomenal. A combination that wouldn’t be dreamed of in today production has comes in the forms of Thumbled leather, hairy suede, a corduroy heel with ounches of nubuck in sections which has just blows the minds of the Air Max heads and those lovely teal mini swooshes on forefront, just wow!

Nike has really paid homage to the recognisable infrastructures of the city and created what could be one of the sneakers of 2020.

Take a look below and tell us what you think?

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