Nike Dunk SB, Chicago Vibes

Chicago; A city synonymous with its basketball, music and fame but there is one man embodies Chicago better than anyone else, the one and only, Micheal Jordan. Thus, it’s only fitting that Nike SB feature the infamous Jordan 1 Chicago colourway on the most resurgent shoe of the last 12 months.

The early noughties saw the Nike Dunk go through a new phase, the silhouette morphed into the Nike Dunk SB, with a fatter tongue (just like skate shoes), bigger mudguard and zoom air soles while keeping it’s original design but with a more robust/edgy feel.

From this, Nike went on to create numerous J-pack designs for the 20 year old sneaker and when this Jordan 1 Chicago colourway first leaked images, the sneaker fanatics went nuts across the net.

So, Here we have it, and boy this doesn’t disappoint. Amazing quality and great QC for what is deemed to be a GR pair is quite amazing these days. But for us, this is much as a GR as the Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97/1 and everyone knows how hard it is to get a pair of those, this SB is definitely up there with the rarity of the SW 97/1.

Nike has embodied the classic AJ1 1 Chicago colourway with the iconic and vibrant red, white and black swoosh, made up of premium leather materials, it’s sure to be a future classic like many pairs from the early 00’s era have become and may well sit upon the podium in the next ten years as a so called “grail”.

Let’s take a look below with our pair and let us know what you think?

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