From Aj1 to Aj4 ‘Metallic Pack’ FT. Our University Red J4

1985, where it all began, Nike gave us a Four set of Jordan 1s Metallic pack, Being a Court Purple, Pine Green, Team Orange and a University Red. The vintage pairs have been revisited since and now, Fast forward 35 years later, Jordan Brand hits out a Metallic J4s Pack with a nod to its 1985 Jordan 1.

This pack went on sale globally but with a catch, 4 pairs hitting at different regions around the globe and the metallic orange more set on the Asia Continent, while the purple was a US exclusive and the university red being EU exclusive, while the pine green is still up for debate on where they’ll hit yet.

While that’s still being considered let’s take a look between the vintage 85 to the 2020 j4 pack

While being in Europe ourselves, we managed to cop the Jordan 4 University Red pair. Nike exclusive access comes in handy every now and again otherwise we would have taking the nasty big L.

Nevertheless we copped and we are not dissapointed by the least by quality or shape. When Nike want to, they’ll deliver on there side and give us, the sneakerhead collecters what we want. A decent quality shoe with what us Og heads have succumbed to loving over these 2 decades.

Premium soft white leather, shimmering metallic eyelets and the solid white sole with each colour accents really completes the shoe.

Below images is our pick up of the University Red recently.

Let is know what you think and did you cop all four?

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