Early Pair Of The Puerto Rico Air Force 1

The Puerto Rico Air Force 1 returns and we got our hands on an early pair!

Revisiting the Og from way back in 2000 when they first released to celebrate NYC annual Puerto Rican day parade. This AF1 edition is the first edition colurway released since it’s debut in 00, NOT as widely reported a modified version of the 6th edition from 2005.

So, as Nike do as Nike does, they really go above and beyond when releasing limited pairs such as that soft premium tumbled leather across the upper, accompanied by the prestige flag on the heel and let’s not forget the controversy Surrounding the flag on the tongue! Is it reversed? or is it a view of perspective from the wearer? Who knows at this stage. Rumours of pairs being recalled due to this mistake, might just make that reversed tongue flag a litte bit more rare and valuable but with all the question of controversy, we still get no answers. So time awaits but let’s just enjoy the pair for what it is right now.

Comfortable, soft, superb padding around the foot insertion with the addition of Puerto Ricos national frog symbol on the insole while finising it off with a nice padded soft leather tongue sitting on top of your foot, really gives it that wow factor. Knowing Nike can still give you the feel of 90s pairs through their more limited pairs, we wonder why they cant just give us this feel in the simple GR models these days. Nevertheless, this clean cut white Puerto Rico model ticks all the boxes in a well excuted pair, even the shape of the toe box is as close as u can get to the 90s shape. Air Force 1 fan know what we mean 😉

We hope everyone enjoys their pairs when they arrive or when they cop at the end of the month.

Take a look below at some images and let us know what you think.

**Breaking news 11/6/20!! Nike have reported that this pair is now to be recalled due to the reverse flag issue on the tongue**

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