Top 10 Sneakers Of 2019

2019 is nearly over and what a year for releases. Week in, week out sneakers dropped that were just pure heat. New, Old and re-retroing classics just about covers the whole of 2019. While People just couldn’t decide what they wanted over certain pairs, the choices were extremely difficult to make and it certainly made it very difficult for us too at times.

So; let’s break it down.

10: Nike SB Dunk ‘ Dog Walker ‘

If you don’t own an SB yet or know the hype around em’, where have you been? Last year the hype around Nike SB was growing slowly and this year, the hype has just grown to new levels. The early 2000s product has bought out some new fan favourites from Travis Scott busting out some of the most incredible heat seen over the years but the SB line always stayed through to its roots and developed such concept pairs and this Nike SB Dog Walker is really an exceptional pair.


9: Asics Gel Lyte 3 ‘ Sneaker Freaker ‘

It cant all be Nike/Adidas, can it? And for those around to have seen the rise and fall of Asics hype, we definitely think this clean-cut Sneaker Freaker collaboration is worth in the top 10 sneakers of 2019. Asics quality and execution is top notch and comfortability wise is second to none. The split tongue is the eye catcher for sure on a Gel Lyte 3. Asics still haven’t ruffled back up the status in the field like it did once but, the Asics heads are still out there in force and appreciate a good build shoe. Maybe, one day it’ll return to its glory days when some famous celebrity puts on a pair.


8. New Balance 990

‘ Who are you, Steve Jobs ‘

Another pair that steps outside of the norm but worn by near every dad in the world. New Balance just like Asics broke into the fold of the giants ‘hype’ roughly around the same time back in 15/16. If you care to remember, it was about quality, shape and style that create this footwear so neatly to sit so well with a pair of cargos, jeans or even what we despise ‘ joggers ‘. But what can be said NB this year came back slightly and created a little buzz again. This little ripple created a section of people who had a different sense of style and no matter what style, NB can never be worn wrong with any of those fits, as it’s known to just be that odd shoe. We don’t think New Balance will recapture the hearts of its former glory days at the height of streetwear but again it’s still adored by the hearts of the true lovers.


7. Jordan 1 X Nike SB High ‘ La To Chi ‘

SB again!? Why not, have you seen this pair? or Held it in hand? UNBELIEVABLE. It’s only one way we can describe this Jordan 1 X Nike SB cross over. Nike Sb has always been the creative difference or having that versatility in what they do compare to any other. Since the arrival of the tear away paint on the Lance Mountain all them years ago, has always been pair that many just want to get their hands on these days. Lately, Nike SB has been adding this feature more frequently and none stand out more than this ‘ La To Chi’ pair. The beautiful colour blocking really compliments the whole shoe without overdoing, but that’s not the best bit. Underneath the layers of paint contains the infamous Chicago Cw and we’ve seen pairs stripped back and reveal the Chi section and below is our favourite that we met at Sneakercon a few months ago. What a pair!


6. Nike SB Dunk ‘ Parra’
As much as we tried to keep a lot of SB out of this top 10, we couldn’t leave out the PARRAS. After last years AM1 and Spiridons, the SB design just has to get in aswell this year. We should all know Parra already at this stage. Also, you can check out our review here as well from its release. The Parra SB is all around, we can’t deny the new colourful swoosh identity that adds a simple but yet effective 3d tone. Full on premium leather with colourful sock inlay and two sets of laces really brings a vibrant tone to the overall white shoe. Parra once again produces another hit but, people are sleeping on this pair and we don’t know why? Well, we kinda do because everyone is chasing the old SB hype not focusing on the current SB heat that is arriving.

A grail in a few years to come we think.


5. Jordan 1 ‘ Travis Scott ‘ High & Low

No5. Shocked!! Yes? No? Maybe? It’s a pair that had some debate over a few days that should maybe belong in the top 3 but why? because it’s Travis Scott? or the fact that Scott himself revolutionised the swoosh and done something that has never ever been done before from Nike in its history and changed its direction on the Jordan 1. This alone blew the minds of the masses and created panic for what came first in the high. A few months later the announcement of the low created the same buzz again but this time there was a slight change in colour blocking and materials, swapping leather for nubuck, white to black adding to the appeal of the shoe and quite frankly, did u want a copy of the high straight to a low? The reason for its positon is, if none of the above existed would this just be another Jordan 1 in the mix of the Jordan 1 current hype. Don’t get us wrong these are fantastic shoes with top of the range leather and suede quality. We are just wondering why Jordan Brand didn’t keep the toe box shape like the highs?

So maybe hype drives this pair over the top just too much. That stash pocket is neath though. Nice Touch TS.

4. Air Force 1 ‘ Clot ‘

Now Now we are getting close but first, let’s stop and admire this work of art from Clots co-founder Edison Chen. The unique blue silk Af1 patterned fabric that can be torn away to reveal a secondary design resulting in reflecting the idea of undiscovered creativity. We here got very lucky and became team early and in hand its a phenomenal pair ( Thank You Nike ). You can go check our IG Sneakeire for our unboxing and first hand look. We just can’t explain how good these are, its really a pair that you need in hand to understand the details and soft textures throughout. And no we will not be burning the top layer off 😉

Check them out below and let us know what you think?


3. Nike Air Max 97 ‘ Kaleidoscope ‘

We have done a lot of researching here and for whatever reason, this pair has been overlooked by many others top 10 of 2019. Why? No idea, to be honest, but for one thing, it’s in ours. The on air contest this year just didn’t have one winner like its previous years and decided to choose multiple winners from across the big cities of the world. But, this Shanghai enthusiast Cash Ru brought to life as what inspired him to develop this outrageous creative am97 by combining the visuals of buoyancy and disappearance of clouds over the futuristic city. This combination and inspiration comes from the interaction between clouds and skyscrapers in Pudong’s Lujiazui. As he says, the different shapes that arise through condensation mirror the high speed development of Shanghai.

This Am97 is thoroughly a masterpiece, the blending of material levels and textures is something that hasn’t been seen before. For the simple facts of creativity and design, this deserved its 3rd spot and many might argue it’s a difficult shoe to get or isn’t worthy, proves why we all love shoes in different ways.


2. Yeezy boost 350 v2 ‘ Triple Black ‘

Is there even an argument or discussion to why this shouldn’t even be here? Doubt it.

The constant wave of Yeezys dropping this year is nothing like we have ever seen before and the self-proclaimed Yeezus has done what he’s always set out to do and make Yeezy easily available to the public. The Triple Black V2 brings back to mind of the Pirate Back V1, so everyone was going nuts for this pair to be released. With the big numbers in store and a second restocked, the common phrase ‘ Yeezys are dead ‘ doesn’t quite cut it anymore, does it? Visually appealing, translucent strip, reflective laces and a touch of red stitching really compliment this shoe for everyday wear.


1. Nike Sacai LDV Waffle

Here we are. Finally, you say. And obviously the most obvious.

The introduction of the newly acclaimed Nike Sacai LDV Waffle garnered interest straight away. The combination of the Waffle Daybreak and LDV one over another was just a complete head turner. The Hybrid model consisting of double uppers, doubles tongues, double laces and double swooshes was just ‘Fire’ as saying goes on the streets. What more can be said about these beauties? Not a lot if I’m honest because we all know and have heard for 12 months how good these are. From a comfortability standpoint, it’s worth every penny. Bringing an old classic and making it current in today’s world of fashion was a stroke of genius.

What’s your favourite colourway?


That’s it folks.

Let us know what you thought and keep update for daily releases and information via Instagram @ sneakeire

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