Top 10 GR of 2019

Hearts breaking with all the drops this year, unfortunately, we couldn’t fit them all into our top 10 so, we said we’d give a go at the top 10 General Releases that happened this year that deserve a section of their own.

We will keep it short and sweet;

10. Air Force 1 ‘ Translucent Mesh editions

A Definite deserved position. If you actually take a second to look down and you’ll see the majority of people are wearing this new take on the Air Force 1 or generally the HOT favourite White AF1. Air Force 1 will always live in the hearts of the people no matter how hype or non hype it can be.


9. Adidas Ultra Boost 19

UB hasn’t featured much since is little demise in recent times but the come back of 1.0 brought a little excitement for people who missed out the first time around. Don’t get us wrong here either but we aren’t a big fan favourite of this new take on the UB19, we think the 3.0 has been the best model for us but it can’t be denied that comfortability outweighs the look of this shoe and gets a no9 spot for us in the GR section. We also checked it out with the people and we got back the response of ‘they love this pair’. Hmm, we’re still not sure!


8. Nike Undercover Daybreak’

Nike introduction or reintroduction of the old classics with a little spin on them has been a big favourite in the sneakerhead world. The renowned Japanese Undercover designer Jun Takahashi puts his spin on this classic and gives it a sharp, winged edgy tooth look, to create this futuristic feel. Its become a wildly popular pair and comes in multiple different colours.


7. Nike Atmos Air Max 2 Light

Once you hear Atmos you automatically think AM1 Elephant or the Animal Pack and we don’t blame you, they are grail pairs to many people. But the Japanese brand decided to go in a different direction this time taken a 90s theme. You can actually find our review here on this pair too. A great pair and worthy of being a top 10 GR.


6. Jordan 4 ‘ Cool Grey ‘

The one time pair that never got retroed until this year claims its place in the GR section as massive numbers came for this pair. This pair, most people slept on and it’s for sure we can all agree, that they shouldn’t have? Check our review here for details.


5. Jordan 1 ‘ Obsidian ‘

The Jordan 1 silhouette has pretty much got peoples minds wrapped in a frenzy over the last 12 month with releases after releases. But, This new Cw of a heel University Blue and Obsidian front has captured the hearts of the fans.


4. Adidas Alphaedge 4d

4D a GR? it was once that seemed like it would never happen but we guess the alphaedge 4d isn’t a favourite for the people. A shoe that delivers the future and sits on site is a funny one alright. 4D is something else tho, to those who have them will know. Our review of the pair is here if you want to check out.


3. Yeezy Boost 350 v2 ‘ Cloud White ‘

We could have put any Yeezy here being honest with the amount of 350v2 releases as of late. The Antila, Yeezreel, Citrin, all get the respect in CWs but none other in our opinion, The Cloud White comes out above them all. The Cw is simple, clean cut and very effective to wear as an everyday sneaker.


2. Jordan 4 ‘ Bred ‘

Jordan Brand for 2019 is smashing it out every month from 1-6s ( excepts 2, as who likes those ) but another re-retro of the bred comes again earlier this year and with the infamous Nike Air heel tab logo that everyone wanted, check our review here and let us know what you think? A Gr that everyone wanted and came in a full family run size made it very easy for people to cop. ( can’t go wrong with a Jordan 4 tho can you?

1. Jordan 1 ‘ SBB Low ‘

SBB a pair that every Jordan fan covets. Resell? 1k+ is absolute madness. No one would judge you tho but give you respect for forking that kinda money out for one of the best quality J1 Cws. Anyways we could go on but we are here to pay the Jordan 1 low SBB its title of the best GR of the year. A pair that resembles so much of the highs just without the leather aesthetics and swapped for suede. The addition of an SB style tongue gives the sneaker a nice snug feel and a retail price of €90, you couldn’t have got a better deal.


So, there we have it. Hope everyone like our choices and enjoyed the read.

Thank You

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