What The ‘ ….

Now it’s the turn of the Air Jordan 4.

Tinker Hatfield’s design celebrates 30 years in production. As we’re now accustomed to the anniversary of a certain model, we get blessed with a Creation or a relaunch of a certain model. But, this time, the iconic Air Jordan 4 deservedly gets it’s respect by joining some of the greats in the ‘ What The ‘ category.

Cement Grey, Breds, Military Blue and Fire red are truly the staple of Four OG colourways that brought the Jordan 4 to being fan favourites in streetwear today and a must for any collectors out there.

Jordan Brand conjures up the four OG colourways to create two separate, mismatched shoes and keep it at the level of being a timeless classic by keeping a very clean, very vivid and not overly done combination. Instantly you can pick out the four OG colourways present across the both shoes. Even down to the simplest of details, I.e, the eyelets are representing each OG colourway across the pair. ( Very nice touch Jordan Brand )

First thoughts initially when images surfaced online?, we weren’t sure? Then, we got our pair in hand and we were truly amazed at the quality. ( Because, as we all are aware, QC hasn’t been exceptional as of late ) But, Jordan Brand delivered with this pair. A GR in fact and a price tag of €200 wasn’t pretty but to see soft premium leather spread across the shoe evenly throughout the panel layers, has been the best by far from Nike / Jordan lately.

Heels tabs showcase the infamous and probably the most popular amongst AJ4 heads, Cement Grey, on one side while we got the vibrant Military Blue on the opposite. With those signature details of an OG status, we can’t ignore the small feature that’s probably gone unnoticed to many fans. Yes you probably have seen it, the numbers on you lace tips. Those in fact are product codes that correspondent to each colourway from three decades ago. Try and guess what CW matches the laces numbers.

For fans of Jordan 4, this really is a pair that you shouldn’t sleep on. It’s chunky like the old days with a fat tongue and most of all it’s genuinely comfortable. You know what we mean people!

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