Piet Parra Creates Another Work Of Art With Nike SB

Piet Parra, A name that needs no introduction into the Nike footwear section these days.

His famed collections over the years speak volumes for themselves and everyone knows what the artist had produced.

In more recent times, The Air Max 1 anniversary brought new fans to the already popular fan favourite, so it’s only fitting that Piet & Nike came together to deliver, what could only be described as a piece of art, with both the Air Max 1 and Air Zoom Spiridons the following year.

‘Check out our upclose article from last year on our pick up of the Air Max 1′

This year Piet Parra put his stamp on the rejuvenated Nike SB, that has taking the world by storm (Thanks, in no small part to Travis Scott) once again.

Now, on to the shoe itself. Piet Parra stated; “I knew I wanted to make a shoe that I would skate in, but also appeal to the people that are more into my use of color and drawings. That’s how I got to the colorful, layered Swoosh and the crazy pattern on the inside of the shoe.”

The two sperate heel logos of SB and Parra definitely add a unique aspect to the back of the shoe, while the over all concept is really an eye catcher inside and outside the SB community, especially if you lace them with the multi colored laces, like we did below 😉

Once again, Nike seem to keep the premium soft leather materials for collaborations or hype releases as of late, but we don’t mind this, as long as we cop them of course. This unique SB, complete with it’s classic fat tongue, is definitely one for the collection, either to wear, or just have as a piece of art.

Nicely done Mr. Parra

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