Up Close With The Alphaedge 4D

The future is now in the sneaker wear industry and we are no strangers to the 4D midsole, which is 3d printed, using carbon digital light synthesis technology.

The innovated 4D releases in the limited and most popular hypebeast runners, Futurecraft, have given insight to what channels Adidas are exploring to head down. While futurecraft remains the popular choice and the more expensive of the 4d chain, Adidas have offered the public a more general release through the Alphaedge 4d runner.

The Alphaedge 4d is constructed in a forgefibre mesh upper and comes in two colourways, black and white.

This standout design is a work of art, surely this cannot be denied? It’s a neckbreaker to say the least with it’s nice simplistic breathable mesh, sock fibre lining and it’s green 4d midsole sitting upon its Continental soles.

So! We took this beautiful looking pair out for our wear test to see if it delivers? After 5 straight days of wear, it definitely does what it says on the thin. A structure built offering enhanced stability, support and above and beyond cushioning, is true to the words they say.

Boost lovers? Move over 4d is something different and offers your feet a less tired feel, as this is the way forward, let’s hope Adidas, can continue with making more intriguing pairs as time goes on.

As for now? Take a look below at the white Alphaedge we got our hands on and tell us what you think?

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