Barry Leamy

Recently we got to meet up with a long time friend, shoot on foot shots and chat about the things we love and have grown to love even more as the years went on.

Welcome Barry to our SneakEire head feature.

How did you get into the sneaker game?

I’ve always been into sneakers from a young age mostly from playing basketball since a young age, Allen Iverson played a massive part in my love for sneakers (sorry MJ), I just never had the money or a clue where to get them apart from shops. Which, around here had terrible selections. Of course the internet wasn’t really a go to thing like it is now. Eastbay catalogues and luck was how I got my first pairs. KB8 2s I got at a bball summer camp and got Answer 4s from eastbay…I still have them

Tell me, what’s your favorite pair? did you travel somewhere just to get them and what was your experience like getting that pair you coveted so much?

My favourite pair of all time is the Reebok answer 4. It was the first pair I wanted so badly for so long.
Iverson was and is still my favourite player of all time. Everything about him from his look to the way he played the game just spoke to me.
The 4s were what he wore during the 76ers run to the finals in 01 that I was glued to.
I remember, I ordered them of Eastbay in the states and had to wait weeks for them and of course it was after 9/11, so everything got caught in customs and I had to wait a week for them. Finally when they arrived, they were glorious.
I still have them in my press, badly beatin’ and worn at this stage but, they still my favourite pair of all time.

Do you collect sneakers Or do you buy to wear them?

I buy and wear, with a few pairs I tried to collect them (PSNY Jordan 12s) but then I figured what was point? There just Gona sit there gathering dust.

Do people comment about your kicks and style?

All the time, mostly it’s lads giving me shit for my choice of footwear. Actually it’s mostly for just one pair the Atmos animal pack air max one…with the cheetah print…’so tacky’…only a crazy man would wear them on rugby away days 😂

So, What was the craziest thing you have done just to get a pair?

Travelled to the depts of Kildare for my first pair of yeezys 😂 ( of course Barry anything for Yeezys eh )

In that case If you had to pick 3 favourites from your collection what would they be?

Semi – Frozen yellow (piss yellow) 🙈 Yeezys, Atmos animal pack Air Max One and my True blue Jordan 3s

What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a single pair & what was it?

Most I ever paid…it was no more than €400, I haven’t seen a sneaker I think is worth more than that yet. I think that first pair of Yeezys was my most expensive.
Honestly I’ve forgotten what I’ve paid for sneakers at this stage.

With the internet and hype surrounding nearly everything, Tell me what you think about the increase of the sneaker hype?

I like the hype around some releases and some I just don’t understand it.
I often ask mates why a certain release is so hyped up🤷🏻‍♂
Maybe it’s my age 😂

And, Do you think its all worth it?

Of course it’s worth it 😂

And finally Barry how do you feel it represents you as a person?

They just show I’ve got more money than sense sometimes!!!

Thanks Barry for taken part in our feature, it was a pleasure to meet up and shoot some pics. Below are some of Barry’s on foot shots and favorite pairs.

You can follow Barry on his IG I Rule The Midnight Air

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