The OG Nike Air Jordan 4 Returns

Nike Air Jordan Iv celebrates it’s 30 year anniversary this year and what a way to retro the old classic in it’s Og colourway from 1989.

This is the first time since the 99′ pair had the Nike Air branding return to the heel tab. Since then, the retro saw a change to the Jumpman logo in 2008 and 2012 but now, the 2019 version is the closest to the 1989 retro according to Nike.

The most notably opinion to the naked eye that everyone across the internet has sparked off on, is the off center NIKE AIR branding on the heel. Yes! while that Maybe a problem it doesn’t take away from the shoe itself adorned in this beautiful soft synthetic durabuck that we’ve all come to love or hate?

The shoe in my opinion is much thinner in size compared to the 2012 pair , while the materials on the 2012 pair are not as good as this 2019 pair, it’s arguably much better to look at. Hopefully they have sorted out the midsole paint that seems to just fall apart on the 99 though to 2012 pairs. Only time Will tell.


Do we love the shoe? Damn right we do. Even with the odd regularitys. The black durabuck and the Grey’s definitely are that much more true to the original and the rubber cage is back to what it was, being separate from the shoe, rather than stuck to it like previous years.
No matter how much we can be critical on recent pairs and when they retro them, it is what it is and it’s a classic, it’s a pair we’ve all grown to love and no matter what we do, we will still love the iconic sneaker.

As we grew up loving my Micheal Jordan and remisising ‘the shot’ that won the series for the bulls while wearing ( what has come around to this day as an everyday lifestyle fashion sneaker) the bred in 89, this pair carries that prestige amongst the old and young fans.

So if you don’t have a pair? We definitely recommend you getting your hands on this one and double up because you never know what the future can hold and how this sneaker could change again.

Let’s take a closer look at the images below and let us know what you think?

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