90s Themed Atmos x Air Max2 Light

The Japanese retailer, Atmos, is no stranger to Nike. With famed collaborations such as the Animal Elephant and the Safari’s, they have once again come to create the future of Air Max with a different yet modern design that would surprise sneakerheads. With The revival of the Air Max2 light, Atmos couldn’t react quick enough and wanted to make the most extravagant collaboration ever.

Koji, Hommyo and Nike Sportswear designers created a new collection inspired by retro running gear and the intersection of various ’90s subcultures. Koji, in particular, remembered a similar juxtaposition process from his youth—cutting and pasting magazine images onto his wall. The collection takes this collaged, ’90s-focused approach to a jacket, trousers, a bag, a hat and two versions of the Air Max2 Light (one exclusive to Atmos stores).

So let’s dive into this retro runner and all its glory.

The first Air Max2 light colour way is so bright, it’s basically a neck breaker. People would never see anything like this unless your into sneakers.
The aggressive colour combination throughout just works so well that it doesn’t clash in any way. Two detailed tongue badges sit upon the tongues of mixed colours, as are both shoes, with Swooshes, reverse Swooshes, AIR text and Nike Air symbols all over combined with asymmetrical embroidery and screen-printing, pronounced stitching and a clear, plastic version of the original, jagged overlay. While Spare laces these days are hard to come by, in this instance they come in three different colours orange, yellow and purple. For those who love to swap in and out laces and keep it fresh, the lace colours contribute to an overall colourful vibe to the shoe.
One feature that’s worth noting is the velour fabric on the inside creates a Snug and smooth feel that really adds to the shoes comfortability

We think its definitely a sleeper amongst the fans, as pairs are sitting and nobodies biting.

This is One pair that will be a future classic for sure.

Koji says, “I believe we have successfully created new impressions of Air Max, which are uniquely ‘Atmos’ at the same time”.

We think so too Koji!

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