All about that Air!! Air Max 720 ‘ Northern Lights’ Up Close

It’s arrived, after many months of teases, we managed to get an early Access from the Sneakers app before it’s release date of February 1st.

Nikes revolutionary Air Max 720 Northern Lights boasts the biggest air unit to date at a staggering 38mm, 6mm more than any other before. Coming off the back of it’s ever so popular Air Max 270, the newest addition to the Nike family is throughly a sight to behold with it’s purple and iridescent colours.

Nike keep pushing the limits of what they can achieve and have done so with this pair.
Note, This air unit is created from over 70% of recycled manufactured waste, so we took it for the test and wore them for 7 days straight to see what the fuss is about.

Pulled Fresh out of the box and straight on foot, you can really feel the sole gives you that extra boost in height ( so if your struggling for height requirements, this is the shoe for you 😉 ). During wear you can literally feel the air unit mould around objects if you were to walk on them and there is no fear of the air unit bursting during everyday wear, as the return bounce from the air unit gives you that confidence to wear over and over again. The centre piece of the sole were air is not present has a spongey like feel and is very pronnouced under your foot on the insole, again making the comfort levels above and beyond while the engineered purple mesh upper doesn’t give a very breathable wear for an every day Lifestyle sneaker, as it has a cloth like feel on the inside but the upper does mould to your foot quite well to give it a nice structured feel.

With that said, tried and tested, this air unit does bring unimaginable comfort to your feet and from the visual side, it gives it a very futuristic look, making it a sneaker that will not appeal to many but i definitely like it.

Take a look below and let us know what you think? And don’t forgot to give us a follow on our Instagram account SneakEire for regular updates, news and features.

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