Paul Bullman

Our first feature is a low-key sneakerhead, a massive tattoo artist in Ireland who is the co-owner of a tattoo studio situated in limerick city. We had a chance to meet up with the busy man in the tattoo studio, while tattooing in a pair of Gucci sliders.

So let’s meet the limerick man Paul Bullman and how he managed to get into the sneaker Lifestyle.

Paul originally started tattooing in a family run business ‘Bullman Tattoos’ in Limerick City and soon after establishing a big career for himself he branched out to where he is now, a successful co-owner of Sands Of Time on lower Shannon st, Limerick City.

Paul tells us how it all began for him, and I’m sure we can all relate;

‘When I was younger there were so many pairs of sneakers that i wanted to get but couldn’t afford , I vowed that when I was older I would get all the sneakers I couldn’t get when I was young, but social media and Instagram really got me back into sneakers the way I am now’.

He goes on to state that

‘I wear them until they fall off my feet, although I would like to double up but nobody is gonna see them in a box under my bed unless it’s the boogey man’.

It’s not often we hear people say they wear their kicks till they fall off like Paul these days, as social media and other online sources show us pristine kicks day in day out and manage them well, to keep and store with the old saying in the sneaker community 1 to rock, 1 for back up and 1 to stock and we all tend to fall into the category, but not Paul.

Tattoos; are a growing culture in Ireland over the last number of years, just like how streetculture is slowly coming to the surface in Ireland, so I asked him does he feel there is a connection between both worlds?

‘Yes; definitely especially as tattoos have become more mainstream and popular, you can definitely see the influence of tattoo culture in so many streetwear brands. Many big tattoo artists are even doing collaborations with big brands which you wouldn’t have seen before’.

Like who I asked?

‘Tattoo artists such as Ganji Bang collaborating with Adidas, Tin Tin with swatch, Scott Campbell collabed with Berluti and probably the most famous guy Dr Woo is rumoured to be working with some big brands soon’ Paul mentions.

With that in mind, I asked paul in the environment of tattooing in the shop, do many people comment about your style or shoes?

‘Everyday, he says, because I’m around different people everyday in the tattoo shop people always notice my shoe’s

( Even while at the shop talking to Paul the receptionist walks in and asks were the Yeezy 700s wave runners on my feet real, as she has never seen anyone else other that Paul wear such shoes)

Sneakerheads are known to have mad stories behind special pairs they have collected, so I asked Paul what was the most craziest thing he’s ever done for a pair of shoes?

To my surprise, Paul being honest, tells me

‘ Nothing to crazy being honest, I got a bus to Dublin for the zebra Yeezys but I would tattoo for sneakers all day ‘

And what are your favorite sneakers in your collection?

Paul insists,

‘ That’s like choosing a favourite child, if I had any! But if I had the choose I’d say my futurecraft 4d Onix, OG Yeezy 700s and 3rd would be my Nike moon racers (unbelievable comfortable) and so slept on ‘

But Paul goes on to tell us that,

‘ I still don’t have my favourite sneakers in my collection. My grails are the OG cream Ultra Boost (not the restock tho as the shape is slightly different ) and the NMD 1 Key City (seeing them was actually what got my back into buying them) but my OG Yeezy 700s though are the ultimate sneakers from what I have. From the colours to comfort and the eye catching-ness of them, with the off yellow laces they are perfect ‘

So the ultimate question above all I had to ask him was,
Do you think it’s all worth it?

‘It makes me happy so it’s definitely worth it to me, there no better feeling then when you see the delivery man coming with your sneakers and unboxing them’

Paul finishes out our interview telling me that,

‘ I like to quietly stand out with my sneakers and I think it’s the same with tattooing. I’m not a super out going person so I show my personality through my feet and hands rather than with my mouth, unless I’m in the tattoo shop that’s my world, I can be what I want

Thanks Paul for taking part and check out his latest pick up below and you can follow Paul here on the Instagram page, Sands Of Time. Take a look below of some of Paul’s work also.


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