The Best Sneakers Of 2018

As 2018 is drawn to a close, it has been an incredible year for sneaker releases. Nike has been mainly the dominant figure throughout this year with strategies of tease/hype, very limited drops, let the hype build on resale then restock and re-retro old classics. We can confidently say that Nike single-handedly crushed most of the sneaker market this year, While Adidas cannot be denied either with the re-releases of numerous product like the wave runners, ultra boost 1.0 and the built up hype of the 4D.

Let take a look back through the year and see do you agree with us on the hottest and best 12 sneaker releases of 2018.

12: Adidas ‘ Yung 1 ‘

Probably the most underrated shoe of 2018. The chunky dad shoe trend really took over the last year. The unconventional sneaker design might not win the hearts over most sneakerhead fans but we definitely think it deserves a spot in the top for its unique blend of an old classic and bringing it to the present. Definitely deserves to be here for being a GR!!

11: Puma ‘ Thunder Spectra ‘

Puma? Ya that’s right. You heard it. They spend a lot of time to reignite the brand to its Glory days and so, produced a wonderful shoe that was in perfect timing of the whole dad trend shoe this year. The tease and hype build up of previews of the shoe for 6 months before its initial release had everyone gasping to get their hands on this pair. The Og pair can be said by many as a shoe that is worth a place in the top of 2018.

10: Nike Dunk SB ‘ Diamond Dunks Pack ‘

‘ SB are back ‘ is the common phrase heard around social media these days after Nicky diamond of the Diamond Supply CO came back for the 20th anniversary of its company start and created a buzz again for the SB. Forever known and probably the hottest Sb ever the ‘ Tiffany ‘ will always be a stand out but, with the new pack of three that Nicky produced, especially with the F&F ‘ Canary Yellow ‘, has gone on to the levels of the OG Tiff. For most, the unattainable pair ranks high, while we can’t forget the ‘White & Black diamond that we’re released only a day apart, deserves to be here through sheer revival of the SB this year. ( See diamond dunk review )

9: Yeezy 500 ‘Utility Black’

It’s damn well comfortable but it doesn’t have boost? The 500 line opted without boost technology in the sole units and went with the adiPrene feature and a bulbous sole to combine as what’s classed as comfy as boost. The utility black features over the others by just merely down to the fact the black hues seem a lot better throughout and can be wearable at anytime of the year. Hope you agree?

8: Nike Mid Presto Acronym ‘ All Three ‘

Errolson Hugh, the technical genius brought another three classics, but yet, a futuristic style into the forgotten mid presto. The three pairs are undeniably fantastic in design. I believe the three deserve to be ranked as one in this feature. The volt, cool grey and the racer pink don’t have the same features on the cages, which, makes each one individual but as combined as one pack as one release this year, it’s definitely been a fan favorite.

7: Jordan 4 ‘Cactus Jack’

Travis Scott’s collaboration with Nike didn’t disappoint with the AF1 and for sure the iconic Jordan 4 dressed in the Houston Oilers colours damn well didn’t disappoint many Jordan fans. The baby blue/red and speckled mid sole with a custom heel tag of ‘Cactus Jack’ turned a lot heads even if you weren’t a Travis Scott fan. This pair has quickly become a Grail pair for many people in a short space of time.

6: Nike Air Max 1 ‘Parra’

Piet Parra, the glorified artist who hasn’t been one to shy away of a collaboration with Nike, has come back and produced one hell of a colourful sneaker. Everything about it says it shouldn’t work but by god, it sure does. ( Check out our up close with Piet Parra for more pictures ) If you don’t have these in your collection, we strongly advise, you need them in your collection. And let’s not forget the FnF ones too, that we can all dream of.

5: Nike Off-White Presto ‘Black’

Crunching down the numbers and this is the first sight of any Nike X Off-White on the list. Arguably any OW could make the list but we had to compromise. And we did, the OW Presto is this year’s favorite. Virgil just couldn’t stop with one pair like last year. He had to go above and beyond and create two pairs, black & white and without any debates both are comfortable and stylish and just all round awesome, but black just tips it.

4: Adidas 4D

Controversy surrounds the 4D for a while now and it seems likely that Adidas are getting there. The 4D in itself is something amazing, made through light and air, with an expensive price tag too but the four consortium projects of, Footpatrol, Kith, Sneakersnstuff and Invincible we’re bang on the money. With Each creating their own twist on the future shoe we had to pick one that stood out the most and deserved our no 4 spot. Footpatrol’s pair just eased through for us.

3: Jordan 1 ‘Union’

Highly regarded as the best Jordan 1 of this year. Chris Gibbs undoubtedly turned present into past and created what screaming Jordan heads have been asking for years and we’re not talking about current fans, this goes way back, back to fans who have just been brought back to their childhood memories in 80s. As the numbers were limited enough ( even more so on the blue pair ) and if you were able to get your hands on these, then you know what we are talking about.

2: Nike Air Max 91/1 ‘Sean Wotherspoons’

No 2; Sean Wotherspoon the winner of the on air contest brings you the most colourful shoe of the year. While this pair has been teased and hyped for over a year, it feels like a life time ago it came out. When it fact it was Air Max day of this year. The pair has gone through the mill on social media and driving everyone nuts to secure a pair when, believe it or not it was a GR release. And now, the resell price suggest otherwise. The velvet interior and the corduroy materials really set it alight and undoubtedly this 97/1 could be no 1 on everyone else’s list but unfortunately it hits our no 2 spot.

1: Nike Element React 87

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. This pair was pretty much hands down the no 1 with no questions. Why? It’s the newest feature into the Nike range, ultra light, ultra comfortable, by the cushioning of the dynamic sole of the React technology. It pushed the boundaries of being see through shoe and thus created an all round lifestyle wear. This translucent pair, has been collaborate many times over this year already and proves why this shoe claims the no1 spot for us. ( Check our review of the element react 87 )

And there we have it. The end to one hell of a year. Hope you enjoyed our selections and bring on the new year with many hot new releases.

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