Nike SB ‘Diamond Dunk’ 20th Anniversary by Diamond Supply Co

Nick Tershay of Diamond Supply Co. is no stranger to Nike when it comes to a collaboration. Back in 2005 when Nike and Diamond Supply Co. came together to produce one of the most iconic Nike SB Dunk of all time, ‘The Tiffany’s’. From then the world of SB blew up. Nike in the noughties brought skateboarding and sneakers together to give you the feel of wearing a skate shoe but in the mould of a Dunk with zoom air. The Tiffany’s, alongside many others at the time, extended what Nike SB Dunk is today.

Fast forward 16 years later, Nike SB Dunk doesn’t generate hype behind any of the models anymore, even after the resurgence of the Tiffany’s in a hightop, which didn’t even bring back the vibe of the sought after OG, that’s marked at resell of around €600.

Then! News of Nicky Diamond was once again back with Nike to produce three new SB Dunk colourways for the brands 20th anniversary,
A Canary Yellow, White and Black Diamond.
The Canary Yellow was the most limited, consisting of 250 pairs for FNF, which had everyone going crazy at Complex Con upon release. Two riots in two days resulted in cancelling the release till two weeks later at Brooklyn Projects skate shop. Noteworthy the Canary Yellow Diamond resells for roughly about 2k on StockX.


Nicky and Nike had the idea to return the SB to the skate shops where it belongs for release days.


The White Diamond was chosen for the skate shops release only, while the Black Diamond got released on the SNEAKRS app, where we ‘Got em’. Lucky us!

The well-constructed pair isn’t quite like the predecessor in ’05 but with differences being made over time by Nike SB in quality, this, by far, is one of the best ( behind the Black Pigeon SB for sure ).

Featuring A velcro swoosh, in the Diamond Blue original colourway, with a removable silver platinum swoosh. Nike hid a ‘DIAMOND’ logo underneath the heel tab, etched into the Velcro material.
The infamous crocodile leather pair comes with a second set of laces in the Diamond Blue colourway, finished with chrome aglets embedded with ‘Diamond Supply Co’, which really completes the bright white stitched, fat tongue Diamond chrome logo once again.

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