‘Yeezys For Everyone’ But No One Cares

A week on and it’s something of a discussion about Adidas, Kanye and the Yeezy line.

wave runner

We can clearly see that after the most anticipated restock of the Og Yeezy 700 Waverunner last month, the hype generated around this pair had everyone in Europe foaming at the mouth and ready to pounce for that grail pair that had originally been out a whole year before in a US release. When the moment came, unlike last year, everyone that wanted them – got them. So, what does that say?


Well, let’s move on for now. Think about how, two weeks after the initial drop of the 700 Wave Runners, brought the restock of the Yeezy 350 Boost Triple White (aka Creams) that sat online. Yes, sat online for days after. Why? Because the rumoured 1 million pairs being distributed worldwide seemed to live up to its promise; Kanye’s slogan of ‘Yeezys for everyone’. As one of the most expensive in reselling, the 350 V2s (about €600 in the market) dropped below retail a few days after the restock release and continue to do so. It is the first ever Yeezy to fall this low, as a matter of fact.


A month later Adidas announced the 700 mauve colourway, which seemed to get people excited at first until they actually saw the shoe: the brown, on brown on brown, on the darker brown shoe.

Any Yeezy fan will know the Adidas splash page for releases that kept you holding on, watching every size disappear, with that lovely X block signifying it’s sold out. But this splash didn’t last for very long, you could cop very easily for this drop and the same for about three days later.

Adidas have now removed them from their online store. Did they overproduce or just simply want to give more to the people and have it readily available to buy with ease?

The problem is the expensive price tag of €300. Is it just too damn high? Twice in under two months; a bit extreme for the 700s? The structural build, quality, comfort and overall wear is justified in that price tag?

Let’s break it down.
The shoe itself, made with the boost technology, wrapped inside the midsole, with a detailed designed soft foam substance on the outer. Premium materials consisting of very thick suede layers, leather, mesh and reflected 3m stripes might give some insight into an expensive shoe. With all that contributing to the build of the shoe and adding to cost, durability is one aspect that people don’t take in. This shoe has massive layers and a high build structure with breathable mesh panels, giving the wearer lots of mobility. This combined stability provides long-lasting functionality.

So maybe this is why a price tag of €300 is attached, as the provable saying goes ‘you pay for what you get’. In this case, it’s sure.

Is the hype of the 700 dead already or was it just this colourway?

So, with that in mind, the resell game is going downhill on Yeezys models. People don’t see the value of buying a shoe that’s worth that much and not being able to flip it for twice the amount. Hence the reason why Yeezys are sitting in places and this is good news for genuine collectors.

After Kanye’s infamous statement, ‘Yeezys for everybody’, his word is becoming legit. The once limited Zebras and Semi-Frozen Yellows get their restocks and are set to come in the coming weeks. With these being the colourways that everyone loves and wanted to have, will they sell out like previous releases? And to think, with all these we got the ‘sesame’ Yeezy Boost 350 V2 coming soon, the Yeezy 500 ‘salt’ is not far behind it. But with bigger stocks across Europe and the U.S, you can be damn sure a lot of shoes will be in circulation and easier to get. Will this lose its appeal to the growing public? And will these pairs sell out? Only time will tell.





yung 1

It has swiftly changed in the space of two years. With the likes of the new products like Yung 1 sitting in stores at a very reasonable retail, or Puma that had a big marketing campaign for their Thunder Spectre, can we accept the dad shoe trend is dying and dyinslowly?

thunder spectre

Can it be said that Nike is killing it with Virgil Abloh Off White collabs and keeping retail reasonable? I believe so, with reselling in this section making triple the price and being more appealing to the public (because of the limited stock = hype), with different models across the various classics. But is Off White really starting to saturate its own market too by releasing more and more as of late?

So, there we have it. Yeezys aren’t the sought after shoe anymore. But is it due to Adidas doing what Adidas does? Saturate the market just like how they did with the NMD. Oh, and look who’s buying the NMD now.

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