How Chris Gibbs has just about made the best vintage Air Jordan 1 collection to date.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 14.02.12

Lets just presume for minute that you know who Chris Gibbs actually is, and further more you know that his establishment, Union LA, has pretty much been the purveyor, cornerstone, and relayer of all that is cool and tasteful in this realm we know as streetwear, even before streetwear was a thing. The best thing that could happen really, to product, is when you have something that has grown to become much-loved, unchanged and remains archetypal in symbolising all that is good within a standard. The Air Jordan 1 is its own standard. It wasn’t always so, but here it is anyway. It’s timeless design and pure functional sports aesthetic, continually transitioning and  transcending the sum of its purpose. It’s been banned, it has sat wholesale as dead ‘deadstock’, been shipped to Japan and found itself culturally re-appropriated, survived failed revivals, and it still endures. There has been countless reiterations of this shoe, collaborations, retro’s and re-issues, all coming close to the original and yet miraculously some have appeared to look like they are not even occupying the same hemisphere, yes, that BAD.

The point is, Chris Gibbs has broad shoulders and immaculate taste. His articulation and method, in transporting you back in time, to a bygone era, to invoke that feeling, is astonishing. This is his take, his shoe and his apparel. And yet it is unmistakably his vision applied on this Air Jordan 1 concept. He simply wants to take you back in time, to before the internet, Stock X, Superbrands and Sneaker Raffle nonsense. Back to scouring for old shoes at flea markets and buying $5 sneakers at jumbo sales, long and hazy sunset summers, comfy, faded sweatshirts worn endlessly with your favourite old beater sneakers, before shit got so damn precious. And it’s too simple, and it works so damn well, surely Jordan Brand must have missed a trick here.

Wait, so what has he done exactly you ask? Well, you should read it here from the man himself. Take your time and enjoy it, and then have another look at the collection. Properly. We did, and we bloody love this collection.

Like we said, big shoulders, even bigger task, and big BIG achievement.
Well done Mr.Gibbs… now how can we get our hands on the Union LA Exclusive drops?!



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