Autumnal Vibes For The Yeezy 700 Mauve

Last months hype of the Yeezy 700 wave runner had everyone desperately wanting, which in turn mostly got.
Now over a month later, Adidas release the Mauve 700.

The specific colourway is very appealing to certain people, the light brown gum sole and neon circles on the midsole set the tonal differences over the brown suede shoe.

There is one notable difference in this pair that separates it from the OG pair; the sides of the tongue are set by elastic straps on either side to the tongue to hold it firmally in place. Go check your OG pair you’ll see how the tongue doesn’t sit straight but slides off to the right and left foot respectively during wear.

Now, from what I have been reading over the internet, the question is: where is the mauve colour? Well, did you know mauve is a type of purple?
If you hit the mesh of toe box at a certain angle with natural light, the mauve reveals itself.
Go on, give it a try and you’ll see.

But, Can you believe? A day after release, pairs can still be found online in a full-size run.
Don’t sleep on this pair or you’ll regret it.
I know, this pair is not for everyone but it does add some autumnal feels, which is perfect for this time of the year.

So When Kayne had announced from the first days of Yeezy development, he wanted everyone to have Yeezy’s. This release and the V2 350 triple whites has shown his objective is really happening.

Have a look below and tell us what you think and we hope you enjoy your pair as much as we do.

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