Crepecity Is Back – London 2018

With an absence of nearly one year in the capital of the United Kingdom, London was once again the focal point of UK’s original sneaker festival; Crepecity.

Vendors, traders, buyers, artist and even Nike swoosh candy floss makers all joined the big event, and musical Guest performances from UK rappers Dabbla, Skatta and an appearance of the grime MC Big Nairste.

The sellout venue had every seller at the helm be the latest Off-White or Yeezy collections. Crepecity isn’t just about the kicks, it’s every aspect of street wear culture, and the king of all streetwear, Supreme, has its mark set with the people. The sellers can be seen with their array of collectable Supreme clothing and let’s not forget the overly hyped accessories that we so passionately want.

‘Don’t kid yourself you know you want them’

Supreme tool boxes, gadgets, stickers and let’s not forget the LV collection that some had on offer like the 10k backpack, yes you heard that right, 10K!!

As 11 am rolled over, the Vip pass attendees entered, grabbing a first look and purchases before the general public could even get a sniff past the doors to see what was on offer. The Off-White Blazers that released a week before was a major player amongst the high rollers, with a standard resell of around £500. The general public enters in mass attendance, like a queen bee, had set its workers out on a mission. Evidently, this is showing the support of its local sneaker festival.

A first for Crepecity, the sneaker myth trading pit, which was a big success for the kids flogging off anything and everything from the latest releases to get that quick buck.

Crepecity presented two panels for discussions in the latter half of the day. One is the new genre created, crepecitywnms (women) consisting of Mo Riach, head designer of Topshop and joined beside her, sneakerhead/blogger Hanna Helso to discuss past, present and future trends of sneakers and fashion.
Crepecity co-founder Ronal Raichura ( Ron ); Ediz Salih, Sneakerhead/Influencer and performing Artist/broadcaster Mikill Pane joined the men’s panel telling their life stories of what got them into the game and how it’s changing for the future at a rapid rate.

And Topping it all off, Jason Markk the premium shoe cleaner, had staff on duty throughout the day for a complimentary shoe cleaning to take care of your filthy kicks.



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