Stock X Comes to London

In case you have been living under a rock/cave/boxes of Gola’s, chances are you will have heard of Stock X or possibly even have used it. The data-driven stock market/exchange style platform has burst open the realm of sneaker buying and selling with incisive, up to minute, in demand ,real time global market pricing, showing and proving that you will never need to over pay against all odds for that elusive pair of sneakers ever again.  The premise is simple. You have sneakers for sale, or want to buy, you simply see what people are paying, what they have paid, and the current prices for pairs available, you can ask or bid, and sellers can set prices as they see fit, the market will dictate value and a fair price. Once sold, Stock X acting as broker/mediator, receives shoes, verifies authenticity and dispatches shoes to buyer. Both parties remain anonymous while risk of fraudulent sales of counterfeit goods and liability is removed from the users. Sounds great right? Well it kinda is, and with a growing 8 million active users, it’s about to get a lot busier with their London opening this week.

To celebrate the London Stock X opening, Victoria House in London hosted an event whereby luminaries from the UK sneaker culture community came together to participate in a discussion panel and hear talks given by Josh Luber.  Attendees were treated to 2 exhibits consisting of a UK Sneaker History retrospective, and the Sneaker grail collection.

As some have already stated, its the Future..

For all things sneakers – Go and check out Stock X …


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