‘From Paris With Love’

Allow me to introduce to you, Robbie Fidgeon-Kavanagh, the creator behind Emporium Irl who, by himself, started it all by creating a space for market sellers to sell their goods.

Hence the name; Emporium.

Robbie, who is currently studying Geography and Sociology at Trinity College, has the knowledge and mind-set to interpret how human interaction works and has an insight of how people strive to be ahead of the game in fashion & upcoming trends.

I met Robbie at a previous Coffee & Kicks event and from speaking with him there and many times afterwards, I can feel the love and passion that he has for streetwear and how he wanted to showcase and promote the best young Irish talent and their brands at the Emporium pop up event.

This pleasant, young creative mind has seen what most people would not have in Ireland and pursued his first objective, in providing a platform for the young Irish talent and then create his own with the Emporium brand. After the first successful pop up earlier this year, he came back with another Emporium pop up showcasing 10 up-and-coming Irish brands under the umbrella of “Tint”. (See The Amalgamation post).

The 20-year old presented his first collection of t-shirts, dubbed ‘From Paris With Love’. He draws his Inspiration from being a regular visitor to Paris and tells me it holds a special place in his heart, which gave him the idea behind the collective t-shirt. The black t-shirt – ‘From Paris With Love’ – was a sell out at the Tint event, leading the streetwear designer to conjure up and release his limited white ‘From Paris With Love’ t-shirt, a few weeks later.

Lucky for us, we were able to get our hands on both tees, hurry before they all sell out!

With street culture rocketing skywards in Ireland and the community growing across all platforms, the drive and passion from the people will ensure Robbie’s Emporium event will continue to be a success.

Check out robbie’s day and night (as I like to call them) designs below, watch this space for future releases and pop ups from Emporium.

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