The Dad Of Dad Shoes? – Yeezy 700 ‘Wave Runner’ Up Close

So… here it is the Yeezy 700 Wave Runner.

Last year they got released in the U.S and if you were a lucky son of a gun that got them, then, Kudos to you.

The anticipation for every sneakerhead including me just wanted them. It didn’t matter, for whatever reason; the hype alone was enough to want the ultimate dad shoe.

The craze for this pair was just mental even at Reselling prices!

But… The news of a worldwide release had everyone at the ready, to finally get them at retail and skip on resell.

Raffles raffles and raffles everywhere, with everyone, entering and even waiting patiently on the Adidas splash page to get his or her cop on the most highly rated Yeezy to date.

Sure; I was very lucky enough to get the pair. Waiting on the very, and I mean the Very last raffle to come through and BOOM, there It was, sitting in my junk mail with a heading that I so was desperately waiting for;

‘Congratulations you have won the chance to buy the Yeezy 700 ‘.

Ecstatic wasn’t even how I could describe winning this pair, that I had seen first-hand almost one year ago. To finally have the shoe that had been out of a whole year before and finally get my hands on it, filled a serious hole of “wanting it” ( sneakerheads ye know what I mean ) so badly.

HYPE in a nutshell!!

Why? The shoe is horrible you say?

Well, let me tell you, this pair is undoubtedly THE BEST (IMO) Yeezy of all Yeezys so far. The multi solid grey, chalk white, core black and the mix of green and blue mesh on the toe box, lights this shoe right up and It’s not overly flashy either. The grey tones have the right amount of balance to blend well with the core black and the blue and green mesh on the toe box, especially, dressed with the grey suede overlay. The quality of the tumbled leather along the side of the lace outlets makes me think back to all those years ago when leather was really good. And, who would think Neon laces and the bright orange disk shape on the midsoles works perfectly together? I definitely didn’t, but now I definitely do. Even at the first glance, you’re asking where are the iconic three stripes of Adidas? Well, believe it or not, shine a light on the side panels and the 3m of stripes appears under the mesh section.

The quality build and wear of this pair is insane.

Comfortable? Yes, without a doubt, this dad shoe has what it takes for stability and structure to hold your feet well inside this shoe. Not once or ever will this pair feel uncomfortable but will feel tight at the first wear. So bear in mind this pair is tts ( true to size ) but wearing them in, is certainly the case for these as the materials do stretch out.

If this pair is not even remotely in your collection, you definitely need it, to feel it, understand it and I can guarantee you will fall in love with this pair of 700s and god damn, just wear the shoes.


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