A Detailed look into the Nike Air Presto Mid X Acronym

Errolson Hugh the founder of Acronym comes back with a second instalment of the Nike air mid presto in a trio of colourways once again. The pairs consist of a racer pink / blue, white/dynamic yellow and a cool grey/ black.

Hugh revealed that the first Presto collaboration in 2016 started by taking a look at failed and overlooked Air Presto prototypes. After spotting a mid-height Presto, Hugh and NikeLab designers set about “ACRONYMizing” the sneaker.

“We took a function-driven, deconstructionist approach, using ACRONYM highlights and materials,” said Hugh, adding, “The Air Presto is an almost slipper-like shoe, and the idea of making a mid-cut version of it is counterintuitive. Mid-cuts usually give support and stability. We wanted to maintain the shoe’s original sense of ease but with additional performance.”


Graced with the dynamic yellow pair via sneakers app, we dive into how this shoe looks.

Open your mind, think, would all these work, pull tabs, zippers, buttons, over eccentric branding and a visual black/white camo optical illusion on the tpu sections.
Well, believe it or not, it fits perfectly well. Errolson is known for his utility look, and most of his fashion takes all these elements and gathers them neatly together to fit, especially on these Nike Air Mid Prestos.

Most Notably this pair consists of the dynamic yellow dual-mesh upper with what seems to be a diamond style imprint. The comfortable flexible fabric with a swoosh on the forefoot makes the sock-like shoe mould to your foot while the two protruding zippers fixated on each side of the ankle give you a choice of wearing them with a loose or fully zipped look combined with the pull tabs above. The button aspect on the heel provides an action that makes sure the zip doesn’t trail along the ground ( which is a great idea ). Also to take note that it took 3 hours of testing until they got the zippers right. The upper features acronym branding going all the way around and with the branded name on the leather section by the zippers comes in two parts, the lateral side features its abbreviated Acrnm while the on the medial side it displays its full Acroynm logo.
The tpu ( thermoplastic polyurethane ) sections in the front and back display what looks like an optical illusion between the larger and smaller images. The features throughout the shoe really make it stand out and arguably one of the contenders for best sneaker of 2018.

If you don’t own a pair already, this is a must for any sneakerhead.

Style, Comfort and straight fire on foot, it’s what we love.

Go grab yourself a pair already.

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