Footpatrol Drops Adidas Consortium 4D

SneakersnStuff and Invincible already got it done. Footpatrol now gets their time with kith awaiting the Aspen 4D release.

The 4d is unmatched to anything in technology wise to sneakers, the futuristic design that is used by light and air gives maximum comfort and return energy to the foot per wear.

Footpatrol chooses to go with a military-style green colour, the knitted upper has different shades of green throughout, blending it nicely with the three stripes embedded into the knitting that has white and black respectively on the medial and lateral sides of the runner.
Footpatrols trademark gas mask sits on one tongue while the other tongue embodies the traditional Adidas logo.

The two-day event on batement St, Soho carried crowds to the event, even waiting overnight to be the first in the cue to get their hands on the futuristic runner.

While inside, the London based visual artist Ben Cullen Williams had an exhibition that brought you on a journey of the Adidas futurecraft 4d, consisting of a large walkthrough of ever-changing panels infused with light and abstract shapes/moods. The middle room screened full height projections of the 4D’s production with film and graphic images, while exploded views of the Footpatrol 4D runner was suspended amidst wall to wall.

Upon the second day after foot patrol announced a first come first serve basis amidst the patiently awaited crowd on the extremely limited runner the day before, it seems most people were happy in attendance for the rumoured to be 150 pairs and a hefty price tag of £400.

This 4d is heading into the future and most likely take over boost in due time. But for now, we can have a look below at what the foot patrol exhibition was like.


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