The Future Is Bright For Street Culture In Ireland

Saturday the 22nd of September saw Sneakercon arrive back in London, we saw 50 cent hit Dublin with his anniversary tour in the 3 Arena and Ireland debut its first ever co-hosted streetwear & sneaker event, TINT which was held in Lucky’s Bar, Meath street.

The event, hosted by Coffee & Kicks, the pop up Emporium and YouTube’s Soul doubt was graced with a DJ set produced by Why-Axis and Coffee & Kicks own Phil Boyle aka Ghostboy for the evening.

An impressive display by Coffee & Kicks for sure. Playing host to the event, they where not shy in bringing the numbers with their big following.

Emporium; the successful pop up from earlier this year, returned with 7 brands for the event, all of which are Irish owned. Featuring the main attraction Emporium by Robbie Fidegon Kavanagh, showcasing his ‘From Paris with love’ t-shirt.

6 other brands also featured at the event; One of Ireland’s first ever street wear brands, Late2N by Shane Fitzpatrick who had some of his collection on show, while the Young guns of 20/20 by Max, Paddy and Matthew have a great vision of the future through their brand.

Another youngster Jesse Keatinge who takes his influences from today’s society and different cultures sets himself up with System.

Nostalgia by Reyce Healy was back again after the first pop-up with a new collection after his sell out yellow and red named Nostalgia tee.

George Anthony Maragay from Diamond Piece originally sold a lot of his personal collection to fund the brand and has really caught the public eye with his exciting new designs.

Other designers from the event featured the like of Secured Studios and Pavements Grey.

Soul Doubt, who launched the second instalment of their magazine at the event, have included some great features with some of the above named brands and also an interview with top Dublin photographer, Lorin Gannon. The latest issue can be found here:

The turn out showcased the interest in streetwear culture in Ireland and with the sneaker scene on the move forward and Emporium doing more frequent pop ups, the culture & scene is growing and we can expect to see more in the near future.

They community may be small right now, but with constant exposure from these events, it brings the people together who have nothing more than love for the culture.

Ireland, right now, is making big moves in the streewtwear and sneaker game and it’s showing no signs of slowing.

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