Battle two of the Dragonball Z x Adidas Collaboration

From when then news broke, we found out who would be pairing off against each other in the 7 pair collection.

In the second part of the collection Next month ( October ), we will see the Adidas ‘Gohan’ Deerupt and the ‘Cell’ Prophere line up side by side.

What’s most noticable about Gohan’s vibrant pair is, the upper is done in the purple Gi that he wore to fight Cell in the saga. The yellow stitching and instep of the mid sole displays the super sayian 2 transformation he atained in that fight that pushed him on to defeat Cell. The Japanese symbol on the heel means ‘Demon’ which pays homage to his master Piccolo. Who is the reincarnation/son of the demon king. Hence the symbol.

Here we can see more a detail look of the Gohan Deerupt below.

This week we have the drop of Goku vs Frieza, we have the good guy vs the bad guy and continuing on with the bad guy in the series Cell.

The Prophere really showcases an image of the Evil Android in it’s rich colour of purple, speckled green and pink sole. The warrior depicted in this colourway is from his perfect form from the series and at his most powerful.

A detail look of images below shows to one imaginative mind an indept look of Cell.

The perfect warrior unfortunately wasn’t able to defeat Gohan in the series but from this the pairing will he outshine in sales of the Gohan Deerupts?

Let us know what you think?

Both set to be released in October.

( Images from sneakernews )

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