The Amalgamation

The start of a new journey?

The event that is TINT!

What is TINT?

It’s described as a collective of young Irish creatives who believe in getting things done instead of waiting for things to happen, bringing together elements of Streetwear, Sneaker, Art, and Music Cultures.

The three hosts consist of Coffee & Kicks, Soul Doubt and Emporium. They, together are creating the ultimate trifecta event; TINT. While they have been keeping separate doing their own material and launches for sometime now they have finally come together.

As we have covered about Coffee & Kicks previously, these guys are much more known to the public now with their popularity growing tremendously just under two years. A sneaker event in Ireland never really existed till Coffee & Kicks started. The offline event for online fans has brought the community together and established a solid group of friends connecting with each other from all sides Ireland.

The YouTube channel Soul doubt presented by Shane Mc Auley has been hard at work getting to what he describes as a ‘central hub where people can tune into YouTube podcasts and interviews across all cultures of sneakers, fashion, music and general lifestyle, and keeping it’s focus in promoting Irish talent in all those creative fields’.
Soul doubt had launched their first 72 page magazine in September 2017 which they classed themselves as ‘an independent Irish magazine focusing on youth culture in fashion, art, music and event’s’.
At TINT, they plan to release issue 2 of their magazine. A previous guest on the YouTube channel DJ Why-Axis will be performing along side Ghostboy AKA Phil Boyle throughout the day.

For information just check out his channel below featuring Why Axis:


Emporium; the last member of the trio that’s co hosting the event brings back the successful Streetwear pop up that was held in Tola Vintage, showcasing 10 Irish Streetwear brands earlier this year. Robbie Fidgeon-Kavanagh, who is behind emporium originally started the Streetwear Ireland Facebook forum to create a space for people in the community to sell or purchase clothing amongst each other. With the surge of Street wear brands in Ireland he found himself setting up emporium to make a platform for designers to collectively come together under one roof and showcase what they have to offer. Robbie’s eagerness to grow streetwear in the community is fueled with his passion for the culture and by this, he has created exposure for the Irish brands by Emporium and will continue to do so.

Tint; an event hosted by all three, will hopefully forward Irish street culture into the mainstream. With events across the world like Sneakercon, Sneakerness and Crepecity, we hope TINT’s aim will transcend them onto this level of event hosting. With the community getting stronger, the platforms are more ready available than ever for people to be apart of to help grow the culture in Ireland.

Get down and enjoy the event.

Details : 22nd September, 2 -9 pm at Lucky’s Cafe on Meath street Dublin.

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