The Rise Of Street Culture In Ireland

So as the ole saying goes in Ireland; we are 10 years behind Europe.

But that’s not the case now.

Let’s take it back first. A time where Yeezy’s didn’t exist yet and the fashion/sneaker scene in Ireland was very selective.

We had a few Sneakerhead’s who where doing their own thing and didn’t have a platform through Instagram or Facebook but just used magazines like ‘Face and ID’ and internet web forums like Crooked Tongues, Nike Talk or Sneaker Freaker; as one of the OG Sneakerhead’s Peter Kendrick has told us he used in the past. Being a Sneakerhead wasn’t a thing back in the early 90’s says Peter, as that term didn’t really arrive till the noughties he believes, he also put emphasis on how he has or never will call himself a sneakerhead too. He dives into how the culture in Ireland was really non existent and he would ‘buy stuff from London, New York or Manchester’ by himself or with the help of friends travelling abroad and ‘getting anything that you could not get over here’.

While Sisi Brambell from Dublin’s boutique store Nowhere say’s ‘I used to buy Stussy from Raidar in St Stephen’s Green Shopping centre in the early 90s’. He believes that Streetwear was always around but in what he describes as, ‘It was more rave mentality and a way to show you were not part of mainstream culture’.

Fastforward many years later, passed a time of when Peter was into ‘Clubs and Raving’ the selfproclaimed Yeezus, hip-hop/ rap artist Kanye West arrives, who adores fashion and wanted to bring his sneakers vision to the world. He originally teamed up with Nike to collaborate his first Yeezy’s but that didn’t last long and jumped to Adidas. It wasn’t until in 2015 Adidas and Kanye brought out the Yeezy V1 , and with those hitting the scene it blew up the sneaker world with the new followers in Ireland and has continually done so.

Now this brings us up to date and here we are.

Today, Sneaker culture is growing in Ireland, but besides that, interest in fashion from one end of the spectrum to the other is growing. While It’s still a small minority of the Irish population, the trends have been hitting big in the city of Dublin, as the drop of the yeezy pirate blacks v1 in 2016 has proven, that today’s generation will contiunally be on the rise.

As we all know, your streetwear game has to be as hot as your on foot game, the growing popularity in Streetwear comes hand in hand with sneaker culture as we can see the rise in Ireland heading in that direction with the likes of Brown Tomas in Grafton street stocking the higher labelled streetwear brands.

While the movement is fast we have a YouTube channel ‘Soul Doubt’ by Shane Mc Auley (Dublin), who’s aim is to ‘create a central hub where people can tune into YouTube podcasts and interviews across all cultures of sneakers, fashion, music and general lifestyle’, and keeping it’s focus in promoting Irish talent in all those creative fields.

Shane has started growing a big following on YouTube and he’s had a chance to meet up with;

The founder of the sneakerhead Ireland Facebook forum, Robbie Fidgeon Kavanagh (Dublin) to discuss how the Facebook group has come about and how it’s brought us here today. Have a watch of the video below and follow the journey that’s happened from 2014 to now and meet Robbie who discusses his life and how the Facebook page and Emporium, his own streetwear platform for designers is here to stay.

As we dove into the history of how Ireland became into the scene above we look into what’s happening currently.

As previously discussed before about Coffee and Kicks and what they represent as an ‘offline event for online fans of sneakers and streetwear heads’ they also have teamed up with Youtube’s Soul Doubt to feature ‘What is Coffee and Kicks’?.

Have a watch below to see the creators Phil Boyle (Dublin) and James Fagan (Dublin) talk about Coffee and Kicks.

As of right now something big is stirring up between the hosts in Dublin.
Keep and eye out here for future details of the next for coming events.

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