Off White x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ‘The Ten’ – Up Close

When Nike debuted the Virgil Abloh collection last year with their ‘Off White’ re-imagining of ‘The Ten’ collection, no one was really that surprised that 1 of the 10 featured the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. Oddly and widely accepting it as a Nike shoe, common knowledge that they shared company parentage with the other ‘ The Ten’ models, the sneakers history and legacy couldn’t have been anymore different. Not that it mattered really other than sneaker purists may have argued that the Converse Chuck can, should and would hold its own against any other sneaker, and maybe deserved to do just that. There was almost 9 months from the whole ‘Ten’ collection being unveiled to the actual release of the Converse Chuck Taylor, and release it did as a standalone retail release in mid S/S 2018. the other 9 models saw releases grouped, via exhibitions, global events, and eventual restock both at retail and online channels since September 2017.

It was a curious release strategy, but also perhaps appropriate. Anticipation was fever high, added obviously by the fact that the ‘Chuck’, is a timeless, classic model that holds its own, and stands close to the hearts of many loyal fans to whom it is simply the wardrobe sneaker staple. Even an Off White version created it as a must have Chuck model. Now, looking back its quite odd that Nike allowed Virgil to include it as part of the ‘Nike’ collection. Simply, Virgil c/o Off White could have released a ‘Ten’ collection wholly consisted of Chuck Taylor re-imaginings, such is the popularity, simple design and potential of being such a great canvas.

So lets take a look at the last of ‘The Ten’ to release and let the details speak for itself, Virgil/Off White did an amazing job with these, the concept was executed to perfection. The aesthetics are enhanced, and the silhouette details are beautifully intricate, and most importantly the Chuck Taylor style remains 100% as classic as ever.

Chucks for life . . .


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