Piet Parra x Nike Air Max 1 2018 – Up Close


Right, here it is. And it’s not even Air Max Day or On-Air, or anything. And unless you have been living under a rock or landslide, or both, chances are you will have seen untold raffles/draws/needle in haystack levels of application and lottery systems to win the privilege of owning this sneaker. And demand has truly overwhelmed slim supply. If judging by the social media complaining and ‘L’ claims is anything to go by. (Life’s short kids, just pay that damn resell already!)

Anyways . .

…the sneaker. What a sneaker. Piet Parra’s long known abiity to breathe life into his illustrations and his 3D work, has always been about HIS colour, HIS juxtapositions of it, and the same reliable, bold pallettes, HIS pallettes. His block use of the same colours with his symmetrical/surreal figures, landscapes, and often keeing it simple has become his child-like but acutely sophisticated style. It’s become instantly recognisable because his shapes and colours are uniquely his. And this, his 2nd Air Max 1, does not hold back on his signature style, minus the beaky, voluptuous figurines.

This Air Max 1 has truly been given the special touch x Parra. And all the better for it. I can’t for the life of me work out why this shoe works, on so many levels, it shouldn’t really but work it does. Truly becoming much more than the sum of its parts. The Air Max 1 Anniversary shape re-introduced in 2017 plays hosts to an assortment of polka dots, hexagonal lines both on (front) muguard and back around the heel cup, in neapolitan ice cream colours. Just look at those insoles. Even the inside of the tongue is colour striped! This is Art. It all blends very well, and compliments each other, like some magical DPM configuration. And boy when it comes together, you do actually want to eat it, it’s that good. Colours are very good, finish is very good, materials are very good, packaging is very good. It’s a canvas by the artist come to life, and he’s made a classic in our minds. Because the two work brilliantly together.

You need this in your collection …


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