Foot Patrol Drop New Asics Gel-Saga 1 – 28/07/18


Sneakers and anime were always closely linked if not simply for the fact the uber savvy Japanese kids were always better at obsessive collecting and had taste/style years ahead of their western counterparts. Although we are fast catching up, theres no denying that Japanese street culture and populist fanatiscm has now become a global phenomenon. HypeBeast culture would not have existed were it not for the Japanese trendsetters buying up used sneaker stocks, and well basically queing for everything. In the 80’s. Not. Even. Kidding …

Well I digress, I blame the pairing of Asics Tiger and Footpatrol on their new Gel-Saga 1 which has left me thinking, how come there hasn’t been an anime/manga concept sneaker before? (And no. Transformers and those Swooshey truck/robot things are/were/never truly an Anime tribute! Far from it..)

Well, here they have done it, sorta. How well is for you to judge, but we like it alot. The Gel-Saga 1 is a solid mesh/felt upper, early 90’s period retro runner, and since we have a soft spot for Asics and retro-runners in general, hell we even dig the Footpatrol guys (the GLIII Squad rules hard and loads others too in fact) Its a cool anime themed concept, the colors and robotisied Gas MAsk is all a nice touch and the sneaker branding works, its not too obvious and its nicely placed and definitely adds a bit of knowing class.

Theres a pretty sick 1st come, 1st 25 to purchase limited edition package that is basically a big robot toy style window box with robot Footpatrol character figure and the sneakers of course. It all drops this weekend 28/07/2018  online and at Footpatrol London and Paris stores priced at £115.

So you better get qeueing really ….

PS. 1 question though FP.  Make some of those Robot Toys already!



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