Nike: On Air Winners 2018.

Will this year’s winner have the same impact as the ever so popular Sean Wotherspoon’s Air Max 97/1? The on air contest winner of 2017.

In May, Sneaker enthusiasts across the world voted for six of their favorite shoe designs out of 18 international finalists of this year’s Nike: On Air contest.
As expected in the month of July the six finalist have met at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, to meet with teams in product development and marketing.

Their concepts have now been revealed; while their designs have been inspired by their cities, they are paying homage to them with features of bright colours and patterns, which will sure to be an eye catcher.

The six being from London, Seoul, Paris, Toyko, Shanghai and New York have had the popular vote.

We can now take a first look at the Air Max 1, 97 , 98 and Vapourmax concepts that these young opportunists have to offer. The six samples are not finalised just yet and may have slight changes before their final release.

London’s Air Max 97 ‘Summer of love’ by Jasmine Lasode

Seoul’s Air Max 97 ‘Neon’ by Gwang Shin

Shanghai’s Air Max 97 ‘SH Kaleidoscope’ by Cash Ru

Paris’s Vapormax plus ‘Paris works in progress’ by Lou Matheron

Toyko’s Air Max 1 ‘Toyko Maze’ by Yutu Takuman

New York’s Air Max 98 ‘ La Mezcla’ by Gabrielle Serrano

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