Sneakerness arrives in London

As Sneakerness arrived into the London for its first time in history at Printworks for a two-day event, it had everyone buzzing around for Europe’s largest sneaker event and what it would be.

Sneakerness’s passion for sneakers make them create events that captures the essence of culture. The first event started in Switzerland almost 10 years ago as a get together for diverse groups from different communities. As we all share the same passion in this culture and as broad as it is; it connects private sellers, brands, athletes and musicians alike to be apart of a something great.

This event was partnered with many brands like Footlocker, that had a full featuring exhibition of TN’s journey through the years. Stance the sock giant had a reclaiming sock vending machine that you could trade in your old socks for a pair of new stance ones. With one vending mahcine already on site there was one presented by cop and flop with pairs inside for a chance to win if you were good enough to guide the key into the slot. Swatch who had collaborated with Tyrsa to make sixty-five watches for the uk only and he also featured for a signing of the watches. Footpatrol had a free give away raffle for everyone to have a chance to be in to win a selected few pair they were giving away. While at center stage you had the main event partners Crep Protect providing the sneaker cleaning service free of charge that had many people queuing up to get their shoes cleaned. Amongst all of this you have the private sellers across the floor selling their collection and merchandise from styles like Nike’s Off White, Air Max, Jordans and the ever so popular Adidas Yeezy. Within the mix of all these sneakers the highly sought after merchandise Supreme was also available to buy of these sellers. These types of collection were vastly spread out from OG sneakerheads to the new generation.

One being Sneakerness themselves having their own set up and selling their own merchandise while displaying their coveted Sneakerness X Asics GLV collaborated ‘passport’ pair which was limited to 100 pairs.

For those that would be into the finer pieces of art; Snkrlab who make model shoes out of concrete or carved from wood like oak could purchase models from them over the weekend. These expensive pieces that would be carefully crafted together would surely be a piece worth having to collectors that love to display art at home or exhibitions.

With the summer temperature at a blaze of 30+ degrees and the world cup match with England ( which was played on the big screen in the other room ) over the weekend it didn’t stop people from showing up and having a good time with food and drinks being served out in the yard with the DJ pumping out decent beats all day long. The event overall was very smooth and enjoyable.

Sneakerness is coming back again next year and after its first event in London it is sure to be bigger and better.



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