Nike Air Max 1 x Piet Parra 2018

Air Max 1 ‘Parra

With the resurgence of the Air Max 1 due to the popularity of the 2017 anniversary editions, which saw the popular retro runner return to its much-loved original shape and authentic era materials. The Dutch artist Piet Parra, designer of arguably one of the most iconic and much sought after Air Max 1’s ever, the “Amsterdams/AMS” Edition. This month he returns after nearly a decade later with another Air Max 1 collaboration with Nike, which undoubtedly, is sure to be another much debated and divisive pair.

Although he himself is quoted as saying “how could I do something that has not been done already?”, he does so with ease, with the design of hazard stripes, polka dots and white platinum colours.

This is sure to be a massive hit for all generations, especially with Air Max 1 enthusiasts.

Release date: 21/7/18


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