Adidas x Dragonball Z – Previews

It was December 2017 when it was announced that Adidas would be collaborating with the legendary anime “Dragon Ball Z” for a collection of 8 pairs of sneakers.

With anticipation high and expectations tempered, the Adidas x Dragonball z collaboration is mere weeks away. With that in mind let’s take a look a the first two pairs in the collection.

The Adidas zx500rm ‘Goku‘

A new twist on an old classic pays homage to one of animes most iconic characters. The Orange and blue colour palette tributes the characters signature fighting gi, while the slightly golden mesh resembles his hair during his super saiyan transformation.

Adidas also decided to add their ever so popular boost sole to the design, taking a retro design and updating it for the 21st century, much like “Dragon Ball Z : Battle of Gods” did for the anime in 2013.


The Yung 1 ‘Frieza‘

One of goku’s greatest foes, Frieza, is depicted through the “Yung 1”, which is inspired by a classic 90’s design, “the Falcon Dorf”.

The white and purple colour scheme of the Frieza model is very simple and effective, immediately conjuring up images of the evil emperors slick final form in one’s mind, while the subtle pink that dresses some of the curves hint at his previous forms.


Overall both of these shoes pay tribute to these characters wonderfully, while still maintaining the style that has made Adidas so popular over the years.

Wearing these shoes won’t give you the strength to destroy planets, but your shoe game will be over 9000.

Release date: August

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